You’ve said “YES!” and you’re starting the planning. You want your day to be 100% about the love you and your partner share, and you want it to speak about who you are as a couple. You’ve been planning this day in your head for quite a while, and where you thought you had everything you wanted pinned down, you still have quite a few decisions. That can bring a lot of stress and anxiety, and that’s the last thing you want. So here’s a pro tip when it comes to florals: give your florist creative freedom. You’ll be super grateful for their experience and budget-saving tips!

Find a Florist Who Shares Your Vision.

The most important thing you can do with regard to florals and decor is find a florist who already shares your vision. These days, it’s so easy to see the vibe different florists give as they showcase their work on socials and the internet, so check out various florists in your area and decide whose arrangements make you swoon. Then, you’ll know that even though they make suggestions that may be different from what you had in mind, you know the final outcome will be something you love.

Allow Your Florist to Have Creative Freedom.

The biggest reason you likely choose your florist is that you love their style. So, trust them. This is what we do all day long, and we live for it. We want to exceed your expectations.

Sometimes what you want and what your budget will allow are very different things. Or sometimes, what we order is not exactly what we get–flowers are perishable. If your vision includes something that’s not entirely seasonal,  we can substitute something that’ll still blow your mind.

Trusting your florist and allowing them the freedom to make substitutions or changes, as they think need to be made, will allow you to fulfill your vision while also incorporating their talent and experience, which will likely make the end product better than you imagined. 

Remember, floral designers are artists. You hired us for our creativity and style. You don’t want us to copy someone else based on whatever trend of the minute, so allow us to take your inspiration and make arrangements and designs that are beautiful but unique to you. If you get your heart set on the latest Pinterest pin, you stifle what could be your designer’s most amazing work and risk losing out on something that is all yours. You want to BE the pin, not reproduce it!

Allowing Creative Freedom Gives You Breathing Room 

Planning your day already has enough decisions and stress. Hopefully, you have a coordinator that is helping the planning process go smoothly. If you trust your florist and allow them to have creative freedom, then that’s one more thing you know will be perfect, and you don’t have to worry about. You can be just as excited as your guests as you check out all the gorgeous florals created for you and enjoy the beauty they’ll bring. That’s what you hired them for, after all.

At the end of the day, we’re all readjusting to life after the pandemic. We’ve had to learn how to adjust for unavailable florals or out of your budget. We’ve had to figure out how to make your vision come to life when what you’ve dreamed of is not in season or arrives in less-than-stellar condition due to supply chain issues. We’ve been resilient, and beautiful things have come of it. So give your florist creative freedom, and watch how amazed you’ll be.