When planning your wedding, you’ve got lots to do. Every choice is important, from choosing the right date to finding the right venue, settling on your budget, and even picking the best man/maid of honor. As florists often book up months to a year or more ahead, you want to know when to hire your wedding florist. We’re glad you asked!

So you’ve said, “YES!” 

This is where the planning starts. As you and your partner discuss your vision for your wedding, there are a few things you want to consider immediately as they often end up being things booked out months in advance.

The first thing you’ll want to decide when planning your wedding and when to hire your wedding florist is the actual wedding date. It’s important to know that because everything else hinges on the availability of your venue, the caterers, the florist, and more.

Once you’ve decided on your date, you need to decide on your budget. Do you want a big or small gathering? Who’ll be involved in paying for what? Where will you save, and where will you splurge? The answers to those questions are the ones that will help you decide on the next big thing–finding your venue.

Decide On the Venue First

The biggest reason you need to decide on the venue before hiring your wedding florist is that you need to find out if the florist works with that venue and is available for that date. The availability of the venue starts the next steps in motion, and without a booked venue, a florist won’t be able to give you an accurate quote.

Much of what a florist does when they’re giving quotes for weddings is based on the specifics of the venue. Knowing the venue allows
florists to take into account the layouts and structures that will need design and decor, and they also can give you ideas for things that are unique to each space (arches, columns, etc.). Your potential florist needs to know how long your venue will allow for setup and breakdown and any restrictions the venue has for decor and florals. 

Your potential florist needs to know all this before they can give you the most reflective and accurate information regarding seasonality and pricing. 

Know your Budget

When it’s time to hire your wedding florist, they’ll also want to know your budget. You have dreams of what you’d like, and your budget may not allow that. Knowing your spending limit and a general idea of what you’re hoping for inspires them to work their magic and accommodate you as best they can. They may have more budget-friendly options to help you meet your vision. It is essential to be upfront when hiring your wedding florist about how much you’ll be able to spend.

When to Hire your Wedding Florist?

When deciding when to hire your wedding florist, the most important factor is availability. Wedding vendors, florists included, often book a year in advance, so it’s wise to start looking to hire your wedding florist no later than 9-10 months before your big day. Now, of course…don’t worry about it if you don’t have that time left; professionals are used to working with all timelines and do amazing work for their couples.

The farther out you book your florist, the more professionals will still be available. This means you will not be limited in your choice and will be able to find your perfect match!  You also give your florist time to make your vision a reality–but also some flexibility if you change your mind or need to rework the vision. 

If you want to chat with Fir Island FloralSmith about your wedding flowers, please get in touch. We would love to hear about your floral vision!