You’ve said, “Yes!” and now you’re planning on how to say, “I do!” You know there’s a ton of things you need to do, but you’re not sure where to start. Sure, you can look online for inspiration for your big day, but it’s wise to consider a wedding planner to bring your inspiration to life. There are a variety of wedding planning packages to choose from, so what wedding planning package is right for you?  We’re glad you asked!

If you watch many popular ‘wedding’ movies, you may get the idea that a wedding planner just shows up on the day of the wedding and makes all the magic happen. And, while it’s true that a wedding planner DOES seem to have a magic wand, it’s more that they’ve put a lot of time and effort into planning each detail for you. 

Wedding planning packages often differ because of the services offered in each package, and depending on what you need, you can customize what fits right for your big day.

Basic Design/Intro

Some couples opt for basic design wedding planning packages to guide and inspire. These packages include a meeting where you and your planner will talk about and brainstorm color and decor ideas. You’ll likely decide upon and develop your color palette with this type of package. Your planner will also give you ideas on cake design, tablescapes, paper goods, and recommended vendors with whom they’ve had experience and success.

This basic package also typically includes a design checklist and styling tips for your wedding day and usually will have a wrap-up meeting that goes over last-minute design recommendations and questions you may have. These meetings are also preferably held in your actual venue, so there’s more efficiency in guidance and brainstorming. 

Wedding Day Management Packages

While a basic design planning package gives you a lot of guidance and recommendations to set you in the right direction for your big day, a wedding day management package will include all that and so much more. Typically, set tasks are included in this package covering the basics of executing your wedding day. 

Wedding Day Management packages are just that–they include planning processes that involve a wedding and reception layout, vendor communication, a venue walk-through, ceremony and reception set-up, and even a wedding day emergency kit. More importantly, this package includes staffing and management for the day. Someone is on-site and will help execute all the plans you’ve put together for the perfect follow-through. This type of service generally starts 4-6 weeks before your wedding day, so you are still doing the bulk of the planning and your wedding day manager comes in to bring it all together. 

Full-Service Design and Planning Packages

These packages are the ones that couples prefer because they have a planning expert with them every step of the way. They include all of the amenities in the smaller packages but typically add double the hours of planning and coordination. Think of it as having a wedding planning bestie. 

You’ll start off with a customized inspiration or Pinterest Board and get all the input and information you need to decide vendors for everything from entertainment to photography. This package allows for help in reception site selection, set-up, and management. It also includes help with budget (and how to meet it!) and your guest list management (super helpful with out-of-town guests and their arrangements). With this package, your planner is responsible for vendor list procurement, meetings and management, and also staffs for and manages the event. It’s a full-service package that basically ensures everything you’ve dreamed comes to fruition.

It’s your big day, though, so check out what wedding planning package is best for you and get ready to say, “I do!”