Is 2022 the year you’re planning to say, “I Do!”? You’re not alone. Many couples have decided on 2022 as their big year. There have been advances in the fight against Covid-19; we are still dealing with some aspects of the pandemic as we work with 2022 clients. Today we want to share what we think you should consider when planning your 2022 wedding. 

planning a 2022 weddingConsider The Great Outdoors

We know, we know…it may not necessarily be the venue you imagined, but in 2022, it may be one of the safer venues to consider. When you’re planning a 2022 wedding, if you are considering an outdoor venue, you’re already building in the fact that there may need to be some changes. An outdoor venue may be more adaptable, allow more spacing if required, and let’s be honest–may simply be the only option in some areas where indoor wedding spaces are still not currently being utilized. There are so many ways you can make an outdoor wedding beautiful beyond imagination!

Think MidWeek

One of the things we’ve seen disappear in the last couple of years is the heavy emphasis on weekend events. Reschedules and compromises in wedding planning have meant that midweek or off-day weddings became more popular out of necessity but have stayed popular due to flexibility and venue possibility. It’s likely difficult to find a weekend 2022 venue open at this point anyway due to reschedules, but that’s okay because midweek weddings are the new trend. They allow room for change should it need to happen and more options for venues and affordability. 

On that note, another trend we’re seeing for planning a 2022 wedding is spreading wedding events out over a few days during the week. Midweek/ Off-day weddings allow having some special gatherings throughout a couple of days, and your big day can become something memorable for all of your out-of-town guests when you have a few things scheduled up to and after your big day.

Go Small But Don’t Stay Home

Micro weddings popped up out of necessity with the pandemic, but it turns out that many people love the intimacy that comes from smaller gatherings. We think that fancy elopements and micro-weddings are here to stay. Even after the pandemic is in the past, there will be couples who want a gorgeous wedding for their very closest friends and family. Many venues offer unique micro and pop-up weddings services, so shop around if this is your style! There are options. 

Plan Ahead And Be Flexible

When it comes to what you need to know about when planning a 2022 wedding, the keyword is FLEXIBILITY. We’ve already seen how weird supply chain issues can affect our plans in significant ways, and that doesn’t look like it’s going away until supply/demand balances out a bit more in the future. That means you need to plan, plan, plan and have different plans waiting in the wings should something happen. If there’s one thing Covid-19 has taught us about wedding planning, it’s that flexibility will result in far fewer frustrations and far more perfect days.