Micro-Wedding Pop-Up WeddingAs the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in weddings from March 2020 until the foreseeable future, brides and grooms are looking for ways to celebrate their love and their special day. Many have decided to look into a micro-wedding or a pop-up wedding as an alternative. As the trend becomes more popular, you may find you even prefer the idea!

What Is A Micro-Wedding?

A micro-wedding is simply a smaller wedding. A micro-wedding typically has fewer than 50 guests, and that includes the bridal party. It’s just as lavish and luxurious as you would have planned, but the guest list is much smaller.
In a time when many couples want to celebrate their special day with their closest friends and family, they are looking at the alternative options and a micro-wedding might be perfect! Choosing a micro-wedding means the guest list is pared down, and in some places still under gathering restrictions, this may be the only way to have your big day.

Micro-weddings have all the great things you love about a wedding, a gorgeous venue, great decorations, great food, and great fun. When planning a micro-wedding, many couples choose a Monday-Thursday wedding date so they can have the venue of their dreams without the same minimum food and beverage requirements or rental rates.

In fact, many couples plan on a gorgeous micro-wedding sans global pandemic so they can have all the luxurious details they want, but on a smaller scale and budget.

What Is A Pop-Up Wedding?

When you hear pop-up wedding, a few things may come to mind. Very often, a pop-up wedding is a lot like a micro-wedding. The big difference is that with micro-weddings, many couples still take a year or so to plan, while a pop-up wedding is traditionally planned and executed within 2-3 months!
Pop-up weddings also tend to be smaller affairs, but that’s also because too many, a pop-up wedding is one where the venue seems to literally pop-up. Think of that gorgeous but simple arch on the beach, which a few gently decorated chairs for your most special friends and family watching you say, “I do!” as the sunsets.
Others call weddings at places like chapels in Vegas pop-up weddings. To many people, a pop-up wedding means you find a venue that is designed to usher several couples a day in and out based on their assigned time slots.

This doesn’t mean they’re cheesy; many are high-dollar layouts with no detail left unchecked. They’re just businesses designed to have the wedding of many a couple’s dreams all setup, complete with an officiant, flowers, the backdrop, and photos all included.

Who Is A Micro-Wedding Or A Pop-Up Wedding Perfect For?

In a few words? Anyone! In this COVID-19 climate considering a micro-wedding or a pop-up wedding makes sense for those who want to get married in 2020.

A micro-wedding is great for couples who have a wedding venue booked and need to scale back their original plans. You can typically use all your vendors and just adjust orders and amounts to meet the needs of your guest list. If you did not have any plans in place or you had to completely cancel, but you want to get married ASAP with a few witnesses, a pop-up wedding is perfect!

There is a lot that COVID-19 has taken from our day-to-day lives, but love is not one of those things. Whether you postpone until a larger wedding is possible, or you plan a micro or pop-up wedding, there’s nothing you can’t do together.

Please note that this post was written in May 2020, in this everchanging situation new guidelines may be in place. Please check all local and national rules and mandates in terms of holding your wedding.

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