Why Hiring a Florist is better than DIY’ingWhen planning a wedding the budget is always looming overhead. If your money is stretched thin, you might be considering doing all the floral arrangements yourself. This is a big mistake. With the stress of the wedding and so much riding on creating this one perfect day, it’s incredibly difficult to pull this off. Let’s look at why you should explore why hiring a florist is better than DIY’ing your wedding florals.

Obtaining Flowers

Florists have more access to the flowers than you will. Unless you are part of the industry, you’ll always be on the outside. Florists have access to wholesalers, local farms, their own gardens. Much more than you will be able to access.  Though you’ll be able to get your hands-on common flowers, such as roses and lilies, it’s doubtful that you’ll get the freshest assortment or be able to find some of the more obscure flower types as you would when you hire a florist.


Your florist is ready to deal with thousands of flowers at once. You aren’t. They do this day in and day out. Florists usually start prepping for weekend weddings early in the week and therefore have the space to store all the arrangements in a cool space and make sure they look picture perfect on your wedding day.


Surely arranging flowers is just as simple as wrapping some in a fancy bit of lace and calling it a day. Right?

Wrong. Arranging flowers requires some pretty significant knowledge of flowers. Did you know certain breeds of the flower will make others wilt? Even more than that, certain combinations are a guarantee for an allergic reaction because their pollen interacts with the surrounding flowers.

No one wants to spend their wedding day sneezing. Rely on the professionals.

Knowledge of Complimentary Florals

Everyone has their favorite flowers but they may not be available during the time of year you are having your wedding. A florist will know what flowers will achieve the same look as your favorite blooms. When you make sure your budget includes hiring a florist, you can be assured that your florals will be beautiful and your stress level will be low.

Why Hiring a Florist is better than DIY’ing