There’s nothing like nostalgia, is there? Especially when it comes to remembering that special day, you shared with your spouse and all your friends and family. What better way to remember all the love you shared on that special day than to give an anniversary gift that does a nice little shout-out to the flowers you enjoyed on your wedding day!

You loved your wedding flowers! You probably spent a lot of time choosing the look and type of flower that reflected your taste and style. Since wedding flowers are such a big part of the day, why not do something special using those same flowers on your anniversary? Today we share some of our ideas for incorporating your wedding flowers into your anniversary, year after year. 

Some Ideas To Use Wedding Florals For Anniversary Gifts

So, how can you use your wedding flowers as part of an anniversary gift?

Some of our favorites that can be created with dried flowers from the  wedding day or fresh flowers that can be purchased on the anniversary include:

  • Framed Artwork: Using wedding flowers in shadow boxes or frames is a way to preserve some part of that special day forever in a anniversary flowers necklacebeautiful and decorative way. It’s part of the past that gets to live in the present with you and makes a perfect gift. If you were a bridesmaid or family member of the couple, you could purchase and dry similar flowers to create this decorative gift. 
  • Dried Flower Wreaths: These are lovely home decor ideas that incorporate your wedding florals if you have them or can be created based on flowers you used for your wedding. How wonderful to come home to that gorgeous reminder of your special day!
  • Wedding Floral Art: Consider having artwork based on your wedding bouquet or flowers commissioned. You can choose canvas sizes that fit your decor needs, and you can decide on your chosen media.
  • Commission Floral-themed Jewelry: Another beautiful idea for using the idea of your wedding florals (or your flowers, if you still have them) is to create jewelry. Lockets, bracelets, and even rings designed to look like your favorite flower or even your wedding florals can make beautiful gifts that you can have with you wherever you go!
  • Recreate the day! Okay, not fully, but what a great anniversary idea for your favorite human or couple! If seasonal and local flowers were used for the wedding, they will be available every anniversary! That makes them a thoughtful and beautiful way to have a little bit of the special day on every anniversary. If you have a special couple you’re buying for, they’ll love receiving a bouquet filled with the beauty and fragrance that reminds them of their wedding day!

Using wedding florals or the kinds of flowers you had for your wedding as part of gifting ideas for an anniversary is a great way to honor and remember your love and your big day. It’s also a great way to let that special couple know you remember how beautiful their love was on that day and every year after! 

If you would like to create a special anniversary gift for your partner or a favorite couple with fresh flowers, please get in touch! We would love to brighten someone’s anniversary!