Your wedding colors set the tone for your entire wedding décor scheme. The right colors should complement the couple’s vision without taking over.  Here are some common mistakes couples make when choosing their wedding colors and how you can avoid doing the same.

Don’t Choose Colors Based on What You See Online.

We cannot emphasize this enough; most people do not have colors calibrated appropriately on their computers or their electronics devices. This means you may fall in love with that Prussian blue color scheme you saw on Pinterest but won’t be able to match in real life because of the screen calibration. The best ways to choose your colors are to find them where you can actually see and touch them. You can certainly use Pinterest as a guide, but be sure you’re able to find products in the color you fall in love with in real life. Otherwise, you might end up with a totally different color than you wanted.

Don’t Pick Colors that Clash with Your Venue’s Permanent Décor.

You may find the perfect venue and the ideal color scheme and yet the two may clash horrifically. Be sure that you work with the color scheme of your chosen venue. Ask the events coordinator what color themes they’ve found to be the nicest and what they’d recommend you shy away from. Also, ask about the elements in the space that can be removed such as artwork and what cannot be moved.

Don’t Be Trendy

If you love the color of the month (or year) and have always dreamt of it being the color that adorns everything that has to do with your wedding, go for it! But if you’re just going with whatever fashion trends and colors are happening right now you may be disappointed looking back at your photos. Color trends come and go, so choose what you truly love.

Don’t Pick Too Many Colors

Ideally, you’ll want to pick two-four colors that coordinate well together and then weave them throughout your wedding and reception. When you narrow down your colors, you’re able to really have a put-together look. If you’re hoping for a little ‘not’ put-together looks, go for a few shades of the same colors, but not completely different. To many colors can be really distracting to the eye, so be aware of how the pallete works together.

Don’t Start Buying Décor Before You Choose Your Colors

When planning, it’s imperative to make choosing your colors one of the first things you do. Everything from bridesmaids’ dresses to favors to flowers depends on the colors, so make that one of your first decisions in the whole process.

Think of How Things Will Look in Photos

Wedding photographers will tell you horror stories about colors chosen that just looked awful in pictures. It’s their job to make the pictures look spectacular, but there’s only so much they can do if you choose hot pink and neon yellow for your redheaded bridal. Don’t choose colors without asking your photographer what they think. They’re a wealth of wisdom, and they want your pictures to look fantastic too! Use their knowledge!

Picking your wedding colors is an essential part of planning for your big day, and with these pointers, you can avoid many of the mistakes couples make when choosing their wedding colors.

Six Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing Their Wedding Colors