Our couples always ask questions about choosing their wedding vendors. This task seems to start out as a lot of fun for them, but in the end becomes quite the chore. The reason vendor shopping loses the fun is because there are so many things to consider and often there are many, many options in each category.

So, to help you navigate the process of choosing your vendors here are some things to consider throughout the process.

Determine Your Must-Haves

Is photography a top priority? Do you want the most amazing DJ? Is the food top of your list? Every couple should determine what area of their weddings are non-negotiable. Once you have decided what your top priorities are, shop for those vendors first. You do not want to hire a bunch of vendors in categories that are not that important to you and then when you get to your non-negotiables your budget is gone.

Have a Vision (and Bring Examples)

To hire the vendors who will create your dream wedding you have to know what that dream looks like! Spend some time figuring out what you want. Even if you do not plan on hiring a planner or you do not know if it is in your budget you can often work with one for a few hours to help get some clarity.

Once you know what you want you can start researching your vendors. Let’s say you are shopping for a wedding planner. If you are in love with a country chic barn wedding then you can probably rule out planners who only have large downtown hotels in their portfolio. Although they may be able to pull off your wedding, they will probably have a very different set of contacts than a planner who is experienced in country chic weddings.

Don’t Compare Based on Price


You will always be able to find cheap wedding vendors, just hop over to Craigslist and take your pick. Often, vendors will be dismissed before you even meet them based on their price, this can be a huge mistake. IF the vendor seems like someone who fits your needs, then set up a meeting! You should find out exactly what they offer and how their experience can add to your wedding day.

Don’t get us wrong, if your photography budget is 4K and the photographer you contacted is 10K, well that is pretty clear. But if your photography budget is 4K and the photographer you REALLY love is $4.5K then you may want to meet with them. Not all wedding vendors are created equal and you should meet a few in each category to find out who can BEST help you on your wedding day.

Ask For Referrals

Do you have friends or family who have married recently? Have you hired a couple of your vendors already? Ask these people and businesses who you trust for referrals! They will have honest input and be able to give you their perspective as clients and as team members for other events.

We hope these tips help as you are shopping for your wedding vendors! If you want to chat about your planning, floral or rental needs please feel free to reach out!

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