One of the most important things you’ll choose (other than your intended!) for your wedding is your wedding bouquet. It’s what you’ll carry down the aisle with you, and most likely have in every picture you take. But with so many styles and choices from which you can choose, how do you choose your wedding bouquet style?

When choosing your wedding bouquet style, the first thing you’ll want to do is decide what type of bouquet you really want. This will depend on what kind of bride you believe you are, as well as what type of wedding you want to have. There are several styles of bridal bouquets that are very popular and we can help you find your style and preference from some of the following:

●      Nosegay: Small round bouquets with tight bunches of cut flowers. Very traditional.

●      Biedermeier: Similar to nosegays in that they’re round and have tight bunches of uniformly cut flowers but they sort of give a striped effect on your bouquet.

●      Cascade: These look like a waterfall of flowers and leaves, gently tapering down in front of your hand/dress in a teardrop shape.

●      Posy: Adorable and classic selections of smaller bouquets that are round.

●      Round: The most classic bouquet type–round in shape and with more flower than greenery.

●      Hand-Tied: Clusters of flowers hand-tied with ribbon to give a casual look of loose stems.

●      Crescent: Arched softly, compacted in the center with taper coming on sides.

●      Single-Stem: One simple stem that says it all.

Think of Your Dress Shape

Choosing the style of your wedding dress will help you dictate what kind of bouquet you’ll want. If you have an elaborate wedding dress, you may want something to complement rather than be the statement piece. If you have a simple dress, you may want to wow with gorgeous flowers.

Also, pay attention to the skirt style of your dress. Princess skirts or ball-gown like dresses do well with elongated bouquets while straight skirts and rounded bouquets are made for each other.

Size Matters (So Does Shape)

When picking your bouquet, you’ll want to take your size and the shape into account too. Petite brides often get overpowered by huge, cascading bouquets. A Nosegay or Posey lets her shine down the aisle.

Dramatic cascades may be gorgeous but may carry easier on a taller or larger bride, and it really is about choosing a bouquet that complements and accents you as a bride, not over or underwhelms.

Choosing Your Colors

Typically, a bridal bouquet complements the colors and theme of your wedding, but not always. If you have your heart set on a specific color set that is not your wedding’s theme, ask your florist to help you find and choose complementary bouquet styles that will allow them to work together. Also, remember, as much as you may love white roses, if you’re wearing a white dress, you may miss so much of the delicacy of your bouquet. Pairing pastels and soft hues with greenery helps them coordinate more and bright and bold flowers always make a white dress pop. Let your florist help guide you for the best color pairs.

Choose In Season Blooms

When choosing your wedding bouquet style, consider choosing in-season flowers. Not only will that help your budget go further, but you’ll also have a special reminder of this day every season they begin to bloom. You may have your heart set on hydrangea but if you’re having a winter wedding, that may be a tough flower to find. Likewise, if you want Dahlias, you may pay a pretty penny if you’re looking for them out of season. Consider allowing your florist to help you choose gorgeous in-season blooms you’ll cherish seeing year after year.

Choose What’s Important To You

 Your wedding bouquet is such a personal choice. Many brides choose flowers that mean something to them or have traditional sentimentality. “Saying it with flowers” is still a thing and choosing certain flowers to represent ideas (like peonies for prosperity and a happy life) can make your wedding bouquet even more meaningful and special.

The bottom line for how to choose your wedding bouquet style really comes down to what you want to remember for the rest of your life. As we said, just about every wedding picture you take will likely have your flowers included, so you want them to be something you love and cherish. At Fir Island Floral Smith, we have years of expertise in helping brides customize the bouquet just for them, and we’d be thrilled to do the same for you. Contact us today and let’s start planning!

How to Choose Your Wedding Bouquet Style