If there’s one thing we can say about having the Pacific Northwest as the backdrop for your wedding, it’s that you struck gold with options for a spectacular day! Whether it’s the delicious local seafood you choose to indulge in, the gorgeous nature scapes you choose for your photo ops, or even the mountain or beach themes that we all adore, you’re sure to have a day you and your guests will never forget–no matter where you are! Here are some of our favorite ways to add touches of the Pacific Northwest to your wedding!

Local Seafood  Pacific Northwest Wedding

Coming in only after choosing your venue and dress, choosing the food is HIGH on the priority list. Depending on the season, you can get anything from oysters, clams, mussels, salmon, and halibut to sole, rockfish, smelt, lingcod, and even shellfish like prawns or Dungeness crab. 

If you want to save a few dollars, use the local seafood in your appetizers. Having some local seafood included in your appetizer options is a beautiful way to pay homage to the waters surrounding us on your special day. 

Bring in the Waters of the Pacific Northwest

Speaking of special waters, incorporating the water is one of the most breathtaking aspects of a PNW wedding. You can rent a house on the ocean coast or on any
of our pristine lakes or rivers to host an intimate wedding. Or take advantage of the many venues on or near our beautiful waters to create unique PNW memories. Our coasts are so special and dear to those of us who call it home, and for many couples, it only feels natural to include it somehow on their big day. 

Coastal favors are always a nice PNW touch–candles, soaps, and even adorable little succulents are a great way to include local artisans and a way for your guests to remember the spectacular time at your wedding. Rustic magnets or even local honey also make unforgettable little remembrances.

Invite Mother Nature

One of the best things about having a Pacific Northwest wedding is that you can invite Mother Nature! In fact, the ability to incorporate nature in your PNW wedding is one of the reasons many brides will plan destination weddings in the PNW area. Rustic wreath altarpieces set on a backdrop of majestic mountains and evergreen trees create amazing photos. Even if you do not have an outdoor wedding, there are many florals and evergreens you can bring in and have nature with you. Some popular florals are Red Columbine, Hood’s Phlox, Alpine Sunflowers, California Peonies, and Ranunculus. Your florist will always be able to share what’s in season and match the perfect floral and natural element to your Pacific Northwest wedding vision.

Destination Pacific Northwest Adventure!

Another trendy idea for weddings, especially micro-weddings or elopements, is adventure destinations. Not only are you able to join the partner of your dreams forever, but together you get to experience everything from gorgeous rocks to incredible oceans and waterfalls. Choose your favorite outdoor adventure and make that your venue; it’s bound to be even more of a day you’ll never forget!

If you are planning a PNW wedding, we would love to help! Get in touch and share your vision! We can help you create a floral design that compliments the natural beauty of our region. We can also help you with all the planning logistics so that your day is seamless and perfect!