professional wedding floristWhy Hire A Professional Wedding Florist?

When you’re planning your big day, you likely have an idea of what you want in mind. You probably already have a general idea of what colors you’d like, and you may even have a picture of the types of flowers and designs you would like to incorporate. You may even think that you can handle all the floral arrangements yourself without too much difficulty. The truth is, most people do not realize how much a professional wedding florist does to make those wedding day floral dreams a reality. Before you decide to take on DIY wedding flowers, learn about what that entails if you want your flowers to look beautiful all day long. 

Time Is Money!

One of the BIGGEST advantages to hiring a professional wedding florist is that YOU save time. Saving time means saving money, and that’s the goal, right? A professional wedding florist has spent their career researching the best designs and ways to plan and execute your vision. The Internet has a lot of information you can find on your own, but there is a skill to create gorgeous arrangements and prepare so the florals last. To do it well takes a lot of time and talent. 

While it can seem that DIY’ing your flowers can save money, many couples realize that the money they might save is not worth the time that will not be available to enjoy the days leading up to their wedding day. 

Space Is Premium!

Raise your hand if you have coolers that can keep fresh floral designs ready for your big day several days in advance? No, not many of us have that on hand in our homes or apartments. Depending on the size of your wedding, you may need to store massive quantities of floral arrangements before the day, and that’s not easy to do on your own. 

The last thing you want to do is for your blooms to lose freshness because you can’t store the flowers to keep them beautiful.  A professional wedding florist will take the time to condition flowers in a hydration chamber for 24 hours before being used in an arrangement, so they look perfect even if it’s hot out. Again, not a common thing the average bride has access to, but definitely what you should expect when hiring a professional wedding florist.

Another thing to remember is that when you order flowers online or from a big box store they are shipped dry. It takes appropriate resources to rehydrate and revive flowers sp they last the entirety of your wedding day. Also, FedEx and UPS are not air-conditioned, so if you are getting married during the summer months your flowers may arrive wilted from the heat. 

Quality Matters!

A professional wedding florist will have access to premium florals. If you’re planning to DIY your florals, maybe you ‘know a place where you can get some pretty enough flowers. The quality of flowers does matter, and a place where you can get a beautiful arrangement for your desk may not be the best place to get your wedding flowers. 

A professional florist will be able to source the most beautiful and best quality blooms. It’s our job to select only the best for our couples, and we want them to be in perfect condition if you’re going to press or dry your bouquet. That discrimination doesn’t come as quickly if you’re doing it on your own, and experience makes a difference in the long run. 

You Pay for Expertise

Often, people are perplexed by the cost of a florist because they are simply comparing the cost of flowers at their local grocery store. As with most wedding professionals, the work for each wedding starts weeks, if not months, before the actual wedding date. From consultations to material sourcing to flower preparation to the installation on your wedding day. The work of a wedding florist is far more than just throwing everything together the night before the wedding.  

Hiring a professional wedding florist means you’ve given yourself the time and luxury of enjoying your big day without the stress that can come from DIY floral arrangements. A professional knows tricks of the trade and tips they can share to help you save money and make the best decision for your budget. They are the ones who put the patience in perfecting each arrangement. They will work closely with the other wedding vendors to ensure your day is perfect. Your florist is ALWAYS going to have extra blooms on hand and emergency supplies for those ‘just in case’ moments that typically pop up. When you hire a professional wedding florist, you get a team member that is solely focused on your big day so that you can trust that your vision will be brought to life and you can enjoy it without stress.