Your big day was everything you dreamed it would be! Everything was perfect and you are sure the photos will be gorgeous! Another way you can keep the wedding day magic alive is to repurpose your flowers to enjoy by others or by yourself in a different way that will bring you joy for years to come! Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose your wedding flowers so the happiness continues.

While the couple is the highlight of every wedding, the flowers on your big day   are also standouts. The bride’s bouquet is a part of her ensemble; the centerpieces on tables welcome guests to celebrate and share. The decorations bring beauty and joy with fragrance and color that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Once the big day is over, however, what should happen to all the flowers? It would be tragic for such beauty to be tossed, but sadly, that happens all too often. Still, some planning ahead and ideas of what you’d like to do to repurpose your wedding flowers can make a huge impact in the lives of others and serve as special reminders for you!

Donate To A Local Nursing Home Or Hospital

Wedding florals are fresh and still have some life left many days after the big day. Why not consider arranging for someone to round them up and bring them to a local hospital or nursing home when your festivities are over? You could brighten the days of so many who may be struggling as you share the joy of your beautiful flowers!

Donate To Local Charities

Along the same lines of donating to a local hospital or nursing home, consider local charities that may benefit from some cheering up. Your local women’s shelter or soup kitchen would love to receive flowers as a donation to give to their clients or just to create a warm, welcoming haven for them to find some peace.

dried wedding flowersPreserve By Drying

Many of our brides want to preserve their flowers by drying them and then doing everything from pressing and framing them to creating unique art pieces with the petals. There’s nothing like walking down memory lane as you remember the feeling of carrying that gorgeous bouquet to the love of your life. You can use preserved flowers for home décor as well!

Take Them Apart And / Or Create Something New

Sometimes brides want to share their flowers with their guests, and they’ll take centerpieces apart to send off with friends and families. Other times, families will take the flowers and break them apart to create new, smaller arrangements for themselves or for friends/guests. Sharing the love is always a good feeling that’s well-received!

Create Jewelry

Many brides press their flowers or have them pressed so they can create pieces of jewelry that remind them of the special day every time they’re worn. You can have pendants, earrings, and even rings made with wedding flowers you repurpose, and then you always have a piece of your wedding with you when you wear them!

There are so many things you can do to repurpose wedding flowers; it just depends on what you’d like to happen. With some pre-planning, you can have someone designated to collect all the flowers once the wedding is over. Whether you repurpose them for yourself or you give or donate them to bring someone else joy, there are lots of ways you can enjoy your wedding flowers and extend their beauty! 

If you would like to chat about how to repurpose your wedding flowers get in touch!