It’s your big day. You’ve dreamed about it for as long as you can remember, and it’s finally here! All the wishing and hoping and planning is about to come together for your happily ever after. Often, all the planning does not go to plan because there is no one to run the wedding day. Many couples get to their big day and think all their planning will seamlessly fall into place. Unless you have someone like a day of coordinator, many of the best-laid plans will not turn out the way you are hoping. Hiring a Day of Coordinator is a good decision if you want your wedding to go off without a hitch, and often, venues require couples to have one on their vendor team.

What Is a Day Of Coordinator and What Do They Do?

In a few words, a day of coordinator (DOC) is an experienced planner/coordinator who ensures that all your plans are executed seamlessly. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t just show up on your wedding day and start snapping their fingers to make the magic happen; more often, they start working with you 4-6 weeks before your wedding day. 

Their job is to not just know the venue but to know what you’re planning and how to make everything happen on time and just as you want. DOCs are impartial agents of your big day. They are there to execute the couple’s plans and make sure that their wishes are communicated to their vendors and the venue. From the minute you start getting dressed to the last reception guest heading home, they know exactly what you want and work solely to manage it as you envisioned. Your happiness is the DOC’s primary goal. 

Why Do Venues Require Day Of Planners?

More and more venues require couples who don’t have full wedding planners or coordinators to at least have a day of wedding coordinator. At first, you may wonder why, but the truth is that not only will a day of coordinator ensure you’re happy with your big day, they’ll ensure that your venue is happy with YOUR wedding too. While venues may have a venue coordinator, they are not there for the couple. Your Day of Coordinator is working on your behalf, while the venue coordinator is on-site to work on behalf of the venue. 

In the past, a venue coordinator would work with whoever was the designated point of contact on the wedding day. That may be the bride’s or groom’s mother, a friend, or another relative. While these loved ones are well-meaning in offering their time, they are there to enjoy your wedding. So, the venue coordinator often had to find someone to run the show. By requiring a DOC, it ensures there is an onsite professional who is responsible for making sure the wedding goes to plan. 

Day Of Coordinators are often those who’ve worked with the venue and are familiar with their policies and procedures. Venues know that a Day of Coordinator’s job isn’t done until the last chair is put away.  Requiring a Day Of Coordinator, particularly one who is licensed and/or insured, is basically ensuring that their venue is protected and that the couple’s plans will happen as they wish. 

The bottom line is that Day Of Coordinators are professionals you (and a venue) can depend on. From setup to clean up and all the million details in between, someone needs to be the person everyone listens to. You don’t want you or other family members to have that responsibility; you just want to make this day full of magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Even if your venue doesn’t require a Day Of Wedding Coordinator, it’s not too late if you don’t have one already! Give us a call and let us help you make your big day perfect.