Using Navy in Your Wedding ColorsYou’re planning your big day and you’ve decided you will be using navy in your wedding colors. Guess what? You’re in great company! In fact, almost 40% of couples who got married in 2020 chose similarly with you. Why is that? What is it that makes using navy so popular and how can you incorporate this beautiful hue into your wedding day?

Navy is a Neutral

One of the biggest reasons couples use navy in their wedding colors is because it’s a classic neutral. Navy is timeless and complements just about any color. We love navy for a couple of reasons.  First, it can be dressed up or dressed down. This means that depending on the flowers and linen textures it can look very elegant or very casual.  Second, it works in any season! Depending on your accent colors, navy can really work any time of year. In our opinion, navy is a softer version of a basic black and that makes designing a wedding on this beautiful basic very easy.

Favorite Navy Color Combinations

 As we mentioned before, navy really goes with anything. Some of our favorite combos:

  • Navy and gold is very elegant and can be beautiful for a summer, fall or winter wedding.
  • Navy and blush is perfect for spring and early summer
  • Navy and red is perfect for an Americana summer wedding or a cozy winter event.

Some other popular combinations we have noticed being used:

  • Navy and ivory or cream are always a popular color combination, particularly if you’re considering a nautical themed wedding. The contrast in the crisp tradition of Navy with the simple ivory or cream perfect and a great choice for many couples looking for an elegant and classic combination.

Using Navy in Your Wedding Colors

  • Navy and coral is another popular combination. It is bright, fun and perfect for beachy-themed weddings. The coral adds just enough pop to be threaded through decorations flawlessly and allows the fun bright hue to be showcased on the navy neutral. If you are not planning a beach wedding and still want a pink pop of color, hot pink is also a perfect accent in the same tonal family.


  • A Winter wedding is the perfect place for navy and crimson or burgundy. Both red hues are rich and moody and when paired with navy are a perfect winter palette. Add in some deep green accents and candle light and you are ready for an intimate winter wedding that wows your guests.


  • As we mentioned above, navy and blush is a Fir island FloralSmith favorite. We love seeing the blush pinks of peonies and dahlias are perfect with a crisp navy. This color combination is probably one of the most popular and will continue to be popular for years to come because it is a truly timeless palette. While it can be used year-round, we see it most in the spring and summer.  A strong but soft color combination, many brides like to carry into winter as well with the blush being that pop of contrast color in a season you would normally see darker and moodier colors.

Using Navy in Your Wedding Colors

  • If you’re looking to lighten the traditionality of Navy up with some whimsy and flair, there’s no better way to do it than with
    green or yellow! Perfect for spring into summer, those combos can maintain a playful tone or something very modern. There are so many shades of both green and yellow—from pale and muted to loud and proud. They’re a popular-go to when it comes to bringing in some sun and fun! Also, for those Seahawks fans, green and blue! Go Hawks!

Whatever colors you choose to complement your Navy wedding colors, you’re pretty much guaranteed you can’t go wrong. Navy continues to be a leader in wedding color lineups, and that’s because it’s like your love—timeless and forever!

Photos: Jeff + Rebecca Photography & Film

Venue: Vanderveen Farm

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