It’s your special day, and there are obviously some extraordinary people in your life who’ve waited for this day with you. They mean everything to you, and you want to honor them–whether they’re still with you or they’ve passed on. We’ve got several suggestions for the perfect tribute if you’re going to use florals to honor loved ones!

Special Florals To Honor Loved Ones: Sharing The Spotlight

Honoring people at your wedding is a popular thing to do. Traditionally offered to grandparents or those particular relatives or friends who are like family, there are various ways to acknowledge loved ones sharing your special day.

Corsages are a perfect way to honor those with you and even a sweet way to honor and remember those who aren’t. Paying homage to loved ones with flowers can include using their favorite blooms for the couple’s personal flowers. Or even choosing something that has a special meaning–something like a rose, a gladiola, or even a forget-me-not. 

Suppose your special guest of honor is living and with you. In that case, you can have their corsage customized for them. The bridal party and family of bride and groom can also wear coordinating corsages.

The same goes for boutonnieres, which are sweet ways to remember those special ones who cannot be with you. You can still incorporate their favorite flower or something meaningful to you both. Some really precious ways to add on–maybe having a piece of a special hanky or small photograph attached to the boutonniere. This lets them be with you even if they can’t physically be with you. 

Be sure to note in the program why you’re wearing these special remembrances so your guests can honor and appreciate them. 

Floral Displays To Honor Loved Ones

Another great way to honor loved ones is by creating special floral displays. Design a table showing unique pictures and other remembrances that celebrates your relationship with your loved ones. Photos showing you and honored family members are lovely and tell a story. Guests will love perusing the table, particularly if it’s a table set In Memorium. It’ll be like they’re there with you in spirit, even if not physically.

Also popular is adding mementos to the bridal bouquet to have a piece of that special someone with you. 

Brides have put everything from their grandmother’s handkerchiefs to their father’s cufflinks in their bouquets. Putting bouquet charms (typically holding a picture of the loved one) is another stylish way to keep them with you throughout the ceremony. Often these become the ‘something old’ or ‘something blue’ aspects of your big day.

Sometimes creating displays in specific seats at the ceremony or reception is a physical way to acknowledge your loved one and highlight their presence in your life. Your florist can set up beautifully arranged chairs that ‘save a spot’ for them, and they can also help you create photo displays of the special loved ones who couldn’t make it or be there with you. Doing this is often cathartic for couples, as it reminds us that our loved ones are with us in our hearts forever.

However you decide to use special florals to honor loved ones, the thoughtful gestures will always be special memories for you and your beloved. Let your florist know what you’re dreaming, and they can take it from there!

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