Whether you are accelerating your wedding planning or recently engaged and want to have a short engagement, this is the post for you. Today, we will tell you how to plan your beautiful wedding in 3-6 months. Plan your wedding in 3-6 monthsIf you’re planning a wedding in 3-6 months, you’re going to want to get.busy.now. But, don’t take moving quickly for moving in a panic. You’ve got time to make it perfect if you just take a breath and look at some of the following steps.

Set a Budget

Start right now by setting a budget. Talk to those who will contribute financially and figure out what is most important for you and your partner. If you have to have THAT photographer, find out how much it’ll cost and add it to the budget. Be sure to include budgeting for your venue, your food, your reception, your florals and decor, your entertainment, and then some for extras because they always come up. Knowing what you’re able to spend makes the rest of the things fall in place. Also, consider a wedding planner. You’re working with limited time, and that’s not a deal-breaker for the perfect day, but having a wedding planner who is experienced in all things wedding can make this daunting task so much easier!

Create a Guest List

You will need to create a guest list as soon as you have your budget. Your guest list is super important because it will determine how large of a venue you need, and basically the amount of everything you will need from food to centerpieces. 

You need to send save the date cards out the minute you know your venue. You’ll want to have your guest list made and ready. Talk with your partner and your parents, possibly, and consider the size and style of wedding you’re hoping to have. A wedding planner can be super helpful with this as well.

Choose And Secure The Venue

The next thing you’ll want to do is select your date and venue. Many wedding venues have already been booked out a year or more. You may have difficulty finding your exact desired date and venue. So, consider choosing a few dates and be flexible. Look at non-traditional days like a Thursday or a Sunday. Once you’ve got the venue and date secure, you can move into the next phase, hiring the vendors you’ll need. 

Put Together Your Wedding Dream Team

Depending on how close you are to your wedding, hire your vendors, particularly if you’re 3 months out or less! Contact florists, photographers, videographers, entertainment, and caterers when you have your date. It’s a great idea to have a wedding planner help with this, as they have great connections with almost every vendor category, and if there are any flexible dates, they’ll likely find them. Be prepared to keep looking a bit as many may be booked. 

Dress It Up!

If you were looking to have a custom-made dress, you might need to be flexible depending on how close you are to your date. Dresses are often ordered six months or more out, but sometimes, rush fees can help make it happen. Now is also the time to check out bridal shops and salon sample sales. You never know–the perfect dress may just be waiting there just for you! Now’s the time to find her! Have a tailor who can work with you closer to the big day to ensure the best fittings. Keep in mind that many department stores have bridal sections that can get off the rack gowns quickly. Check out Nordstrom, J.Crew, and Neiman Marcus. 

Now is the time to look for bridal party wear as well. Get tux orders made, have your bridal party find and fit their dresses. It’s less time to get a bridesmaid dress ready for a wedding, but it still takes time. Again, buying off the rack is a great option. One of our best tips is to give your bridal party a color palette and allow them to find a dress that is their style and your color. 

Guest Accommodations

Your out-of-town guests will need places to stay, so it’s a good idea to secure blocks of hotel rooms. Hotels will block out typically a year or more in advance, so now is the time to find out approximately how many rooms you’ll need/want and block them. It’s also the best way to get discounted rates for your guests.

Spread The Word! 

Get the invites out! Consider digital as well as printed (there are some great companies with quick turnaround times), and consider a wedding website that will host your registry (squeeze that in during this time period as well)!

Follow Up Visits

The last bit of time before your wedding is where you’re in the home stretch. You’re making final vendor selections (hair/makeup/transportation/etc.), buying your wedding bands, finalizing your menu and your cake flavor, and planning the honeymoon! Don’t forget that you’ll want some R & R after the whirlwind wedding planning!

In the last month before your marriage, BE SURE to get your marriage license. Some government departments are still affected by COVID restrictions, so give plenty of time. 

Most importantly, confirm details of the day. Again, this is where a wedding planner makes your life so much easier as they do this for you. 

When the big day arrives, you’ll wonder how it all went by so quickly, but the fact is, you’ll know it was organized and just what you wanted because of all the thought and care you put into it. There’s no steadfast rule that talks about how long a wedding takes to plan, but no matter how long, it’s all about the details!