It’s a new year, and it’s going to be your best ever because it’s the year you say, “I do!” As you start your planning, it is good to know about the 2022 wedding floral and decor trends to decide if you want to incorporate them into your design. We’ve got the ins and trends you need to know as you’re planning your 2022 wedding!

Go Green!

The last few years have shown us an explosion in greenery in decor and florals. Whether it’s a few leaves here and there or wreaths and swags that drape everything from the altar to your bridal bouquet, greenery is in. This trend will continue in 2022. More couples are looking to use sustainably created and sourced florals and decorations in their weddings and receptions, and this focus on good stewardship is just another beautiful thing you’ll remember about your big day. 


Let’s all agree…we’re TIRED. The last couple of years have really exhausted us, and we are ready for fresh, bold starts in 2022! Designers predict that bold, bright, and sunny florals and decor will take the place of the rustic and muted tones we’ve been seeing, and we’re here for it. Consider this the time to wow, as golds and rich colored hues are making their way back to the top of the trends list. Couples are looking to make a bold statement. Be on the lookout for lots of dramatic and luxurious colors.

Stay Local

If there’s anything that Covid-19 and supply chain issues have taught us, it’s that staying local is the best thing we could possibly do when it comes to florals and decor. Not only does staying local and using what’s in-season help our wallets when it comes to budgeting, but it also helps our local communities. There’s nothing like being able to sit down with your florist and know that whatever they’re talking to you about is a possibility because it’s local, and they’re familiar with the vendors (or are growing themselves). The same can be said for your decor and accessories. The less you have to order and the more you can get from your local community, the more likely you’re going to have everything you want with no concerns about supply chain issues or shipments. 

Let It Fall…Sort Of

One of the hottest trends we’re seeing with wedding florals for 2022 is semi-cascading bouquets. They’re just the right touch of unique with a still-popular shape, and they look incredible in front of just about every gown we’ve seen. Covid-19 has left most of our brides looking for ways to preserve something traditional like a beautiful bouquet, but in a way that makes a statement and says, “This is our day!” Consider lilacs, rhododendron, or even boutique roses for pretty and pop!

Keep It Simple

One of the tips wedding planners across the globe are giving to their clients is to consider outside venues or venues that will offer flexibility should something pop up and make you need to change. That’s also one of the reasons bold colors are making a play for 2022 weddings–couples are trying to keep things simple and straightforward if they need to be flexible and move things around, but they still want that pop of drama for their big day. So, when planning your decor, consider simple but stated pieces and arrangements that will have a significant impact, but without needing lots of fanfare and set-up to do so. 

We are so excited to work with our couples and incorporate these 2022 wedding and floral trends. If you would like to chat about your wedding day get in touch! We cannot wait to hear from you!