The holiday season is upon us! In 2020, the holidays will look different, but as we navigate new waters, we are still excited to create beautiful tables during this holiday season.  If you’re looking for some extra holiday table styling tips and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. If we’ve ever needed festive, it’s now, and we’re thrilled to share some of our favorite tabletop ideas.

Showcase Your Table

 So many of us have gorgeous tables made of beautiful hardwoods. The holidays are a wonderful time to bring in the natural beauty of those woods and highlight with simple greenery. Just some simple greenery scattered and some random splashes of red in apples or pomegranate allow you to really showcase your table and enhance the natural grain of the wood.



Simple Ribbon Accents

We love how versatile ribbon can be for tabletop decor. You can pair place settings with some basic ice blue ribbon and some sparkly silver accent and have a table that looks like a gorgeous winter wonderland with little effort but some curling and tying. Wrapping ribbon is always a fun way to go in place of napkin rings.


Minis Make A Big Impact

Another easy way to dress up place settings on your holiday table is to use minis. You can easily find mini bottlebrush trees, mini ornaments and mini wrapped gifts. Place a couple on each place setting with a menu card, and you’ve got a jazzed-up holiday table with just the right touch of design.




Traditional is Always Beautiful

One of the reasons people love dressing holiday tables is that it’s a great way to reminisce about days of old. Bringing out time-treasured pieces year after year just makes you feel warm and cozy. Pull out your family décor and layer it for a visually interesting table that will be a conversation starter for everyone who gathers.



Play with Height

When you’re eating, the focus is on the food. But when you’re styling a holiday table, you’re not just styling for when you eat but for whenever anyone looks at your tabletop. Consider high-interest pieces that add some unique aspects and make sure they have a little bit of height to draw attention to their beauty.



Use The Holiday Dishes